once again…

Robin     Dec 6th, 2013     Ramblings     0 Replies

I’ve neglected this site completely except for the gallery, which is going strong with the addition of photos from 2 new conventions and a concert/soundcheck. They seem to be kinda popular with viewers and that makes me really kinda happy. I’ll be adding another set of con photos when I attend the Vegas convention in March as well as hopefully more concert photos from recent shows and ones I’m attending in the future.

I want to start really using this site as a blog. I have Tumblr and Twitter where I post most of my ramblings but I feel my feelings and thoughts get missed or left out with the flood of fandom-related chatter, photos, and other media. Not that it’s a bad thing but trying to use a Tumblr blog as a blog when you post and salivate over photos of celebrities (and food) 99% of the time is really hard, and not many of your followers notice or care.

So instead of wasting their time with mundane things like having a life and writing about it there, I’m going to try my best to write here. And I’m hoping to do con recaps and post experiences from those events. I’m also going to try to post some of my photos that would otherwise get lost in the hustle of social media sites.

I’m considering a few changes for this site and when I decide what I’m going to do, I’m going to go at this full-swing.

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